How to Buy the Best Gloves for Baseball


What is the best ball glove for me to buy? That is not a simple question to answer. Of course, baseball gloves are necessities to play the game and be good at it. Therefore having one that is effective and that you are comfortable will definitely make your game better. However there are so many of them on the market that it might be difficult for you to pinpoint which is the best one for you. It helps you a lot when you know more about how the gloves work and what to look for.

What to look for when buying a pair of gloves

There are many features that will make a good baseball glove for you. Firstly, you need to consider the pocket and how it affects your play position. As an outfielder you want a pair of gloves that are slightly larger than that of an infielder. As a second baseman you want your favorit glove that is a bit shallow to easily slip the ball out of the glove.

Secondly consider the webbing of the glove. If you are playing the infield position then you want something that is stitched loosely to use maneuver the ball a lot easier. Next,  look into how padded the gloves are to help with the comfort when playing. And finally, you should consider the materials that make up the baseball gloves. The best quality gloves are typically made with leather. They last longer and they fare better under harsh conditions. However the leather gloves may be too expensive if you have a tight budget working with.

How to choose the correct size

The glove size is very important as the gloves need to fit comfortably on your hands in order for you to play well. Luckily, glove sizing is done in an effective way so that it is easier to find the best ball glove for your age and your field position. For children, the gloves are on average 10 ½ inches for all filed positions. For the 8-10 and 11-13 age groups the glove sizes typically fall in the 11 to 12 inches range across the different field positions. For 14 years and older, the sizes are usually slightly larger, being on average about 12-13 inches.

The gloves for the catchers are usually the largest gloves. They are typically in the 30 inch range, going up to 34 ½ inches for adult players. The first base gloves and outfield gloves are second to the catchers in terms of size, ranging from 10 ½ inches for kids to 13 inches for adults. The pitcher gloves, the second base gloves and the third base gloves are typically similar in size and fall in the 10 ½, 11 or 12 inch range.

Glove Position types

  • The catcher: you can tell a catcher glove by the fact that there are no holes for the fingers; this is why they are usually called mitts. They are made this way to make it easier to catch balls throughout the game
  • The first baseman: these are a little longer than the catcher mitts. They are also made to perform well in the catching area. It is usually a lot more durable than regular gloves.
  • The pitcher: these gloves are usually quite comfy and are typically bigger than other gloves. Additionally they are often very light to enhance their comfort.
  • The infielder: infield gloves are usually very short compared to the others. The pockets are ideally very shallow because they need to move quickly to pull the ball out.
  • The Outfielder: The best ball glove for Outfielders ideally protects the fingers, since this position requires a lot of leaping and falling. The pockets are usually designed to be able to hold the ball for a longer period. Therefore the pockets are made to stay open.

When choosing a glove you only need to consider a few important things. You need to choose one that is made for your specific position, you need to be able to find the perfect size to fit you and you need to look at all the extra features that make the gloves durable, comfortable and easy to use. Keep this in mind for the next glove shopping trip and you will surely find the best ball glove for your needs: