Put Your Baseball Glove to the Test this Season

Christmas is a time when we want to make all our family’s dreams come true. We want to make the holidays special, and strive to give gifts that are not only useful, but were considered so out of reach, to receive them borders on magic. Some parents plot and plan for months, saving their hard-earned money to give their children that one present they know will make their eyes sparkle with glee. For some it might be the latest video gaming system, others want the keys to a new ride that’s wrapped with a big red bow and sitting in the driveway. For some, a coveted baseball glove is the ideal gift, especially if the child knows they’ll spend time with their dad learning to use it, care for it and play a great game of baseball with it. This usually starts with a trip to a sporting goods store that stocks a wide variety of quality gloves. Actually, the search today starts online. When you do your initial research on the internet, you’ll narrow the list of retailers down in seconds, and can focus on the places that are likely to carry the size, brand and style you want.

Using Groupons to complete your purchase is a smart move because they can save you money on everything from baseball gloves to old fashioned Sperry Top Siders for those who want to sit in the stands and cheer on their favorite team in comfort.

After the glove is purchased. It needs to be conditioned, broken in and used often so it conforms to the players hand. Many a man remembers lessons their Dad taught them about the methods they used to break in their first glove. Playing catch is still considered one of the best ways to break in a glove, because this uses the glove to do what it was made for. In time, the glove will start to conform, and you should keep it in top condition after that. Some say it’s okay to use a mallet to strike the glove on the opposite side, but do so sparingly. The same goes for using oil on the leather. It does help soften the glove, but as always, less is more. Too much will start to break down the leather.

The most important thing is to play with the glove, get used to the glove and cherish the memories you make while using the glove. This season, and for many years to come.