The Best Baseball Glove Care


A good quality baseball glove can last a very long time when cared for properly. Some gloves have been known to last 15 years (consistent use) or longer (occasional use.) With the rising prices of the many different types of baseball equipment these days, having a glove last this long will make it worth any monetary investment, which is why baseball glove care should be an important part of any ball player’s regimen.

Oil your glove

Gloves and mitts should be cared for from the get go. When you first purchase it, be sure to go through the motions of oiling or conditioning it and breaking it in. Stay away from neat foot oil, linseed oil, or any silicone based oils and sprays. Some say that oil can wear down leather and so conditioner should be used instead, but most people use oil. Petroleum jelly works fine too, as this conditions the glove while still letting it breathe.

Break Your glove

Ideally, you should buy and break in your glove before the baseball season, assuming you play for a team. The oil or conditioner you use will help ready it and protect it from the sun, heat, water, and mud that it will face while being used. Once broken in and during the season, be sure to keep it clean by wiping it clean with a dry rag after every game. If it gets wet, towel it off then let it air dry. Never try to speed up the drying as this is likely to dry out the leather and wear it down. Apart from this, make sure to apply oil or conditioner on it a couple of times during the season, especially if it starts to feel like it’s drying out. Learn more.

Store in the right temp

When not in use, or when storing it for the winter, keep it in a cool and dry place. Remember not to leave it out where temperatures may rise as this will affect the leather. Fluctuating temperatures are also not ideal, so try to find the perfect spot. If you like, you can stick it in a box with one or two packets of silica gel, which should absorb any excess moisture. Try to condition the glove and tighten its laces before you store it. This will help keep it in shape.

Check laces

Speaking of laces, be sure to check on your laces every couple of seasons, check on your laces. When these start getting brittle, you have to replace them. Not to worry, though. Replacing a glove is very easy to do, and there are many replacing kits which are cheap and come with great instructions. Remember to condition your new laces! When shopping for a youth glove, there are many different types of materials used for gloves. Two of the most common materials are real and synthetic leather.

Real leather is a much more durable material than synthetic leather. A real leather glove will take a bit more time to break in, but it breaks in a way that will fit your child’s hand better – so it will perform better. Synthetic leather gloves are pre-shaped, so they are tougher to break in and close. Also, synthetic leather is a more slick material that can cause baseballs slide out of the glove more easily. Although synthetic leather gloves are cheaper than most real leather gloves, the higher cost of real leather is worth it in durability and performance.


Finally, when you pull it out of storage, be sure to put on another light coat of conditioner. Remember, if you stick by these baseball glove care guidelines, you’re sure to have a glove that will last you a lifetime!¬†Click here for more information: